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Seafish Bioeconomic Modelling: Methodology Report

Simon Mardle, Jennifer Russell, Arina Motova

The methodology report is intended to be a supplementary report to reports on findings from the Seafish bioeconomic model. The main purpose of the methodology report is to provide more detail on the operation of the three modules that together form the Seafish bioeconomic model and to provide more detail on the design and operation of the individual simulations developed for the model.

April 2017Download PDF

Seafish Bioeconomic Modelling: Analysis of Choke Points and Problem Stocks for UK Fleet under the Landing Obligation, 2017-2019

Jennifer Russell, Simon Mardle, Arina Motova

A bioeconomic model has been developed by Seafish to support high quality analysis of the UK fishing industry. The model provides Seafish with an impact assessment tool to analyse the potential impact of policy measures on the UK fishing fleet, with a particular focus on the potential effect of the landing obligation. The purpose of this report is to present findings from the model developed by Seafish. Several simulations are presented in the report to evaluate the impacts of new policy on UK demersal fleets.

April 2017Download PDF

Seafish Fleet Economic Performance Dataset 2006-2016 (Excel Tables)

Steven Lawrence, Sebastien Metz, Arina Motova

The Seafish fleet economic performance dataset contains financial, economic and operation performance indicators for the period 2006-16.

March 2017Download XLSX

UK Sea Fish Industry Map - Europe

Steve Lawrence, Lewis Cowie, Kirsten Milliken

his map illustrates the structure of the UK catching sector in the European context. Data includes landings by UK registered vessels at ports in the EU, landings per ICES area by UK registered vessels including top species per Ices area.

February 2017Download PDF

UK Sea Fish Industry Map - United Kingdom

Tsvetina Yordanova, Kirsten Milliken

This map illustrates the size and structure of the UK seafood industry in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The PDF map is interactive, groups of data can be switched of to ease viewing of data.

February 2017Download PDF