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Publications & Reports

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Legislation Newsletter – May/June 2017

Fiona Wright, Ivan Bartolo, Hannah Thompson

Business Expert Group on Food Labelling and Standards; FDF Trade Association Roundtable Meeting; Animal By-Products and Brexit; Business Expert Group on Diet and Health; End use discussed at JCCC meeting; Toxin Twitter Alerts; Market Advisory Council Working Group Meetings

June 2017Download PDF

Marine Legislation Newsletter – June 2017

Sarah Horsfall

Wales – Sustainable Management of Natural Resources; Wales – Proposed Sustainable Management of Whelk Fisheries; EU – Interim Evaluation of the Sustainable Development of Aquaculture; EU – Consultation on Microbeads; Algal Blooms – New Method of Detection and Prediction;EU – Common Fisheries Policy and Brexit – Paper and Workshop; UK – Brexit and Fisheries; EU – TTX in Shellfish Update; EU – MSFD Guidance Published; EU – Updated Regulation on Fishing Vessel Characteristics

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Seafish Brussels Update 03/03/2017 – 10/03/2017

Cristina Fernandez

EU-UK relations after Brexit; May invites Tajani to London to discuss Brexit; Conclusions by the President of the European Council, following the European Council meeting on March 9; VisNed is ready for Brexit negotiations; Agri-Fish Council Provides Opportunity for Brexit Exchanges Food safety: simpler rules proposed for small retailers; FVO Audit US evaluation of US control systems in place governing the production of fishery products intended for export to the EU; New online tool allows consumers to assess the health benefits and risks of seafood; EU and US tackling plastic pollution of the Ocean

March 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 10/03/2017 – 17/03/2017

Cristina Fernandez

The Brexit Negotiations An Assessment of the Legal, Political and Institutional Situation in the UK; IUU fishing: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under scrutiny; Analysis Import controls in key EU member states inadequate for barring illegal seafood; DG MARE management plan for 2017; EU imports of organic products from Norway and Iceland to resume; Creed Meets German Counterpart Schmidt on Brexit in Berlin; Galician ship owners express uncertainty over Brexit talks

March 2017Download PDF

The Seafish Guide To Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

W. Lart

This is one of a series of guides in which Seafish explores topical issues affecting the UK seafood industry. Here we take a practical look at what the terms ‘responsible sourcing and sustainability’ mean and how seafood buyers have approached implementing these approaches in their policies. The main focus is on wild caught fish..

March 2017Download PDF