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SFIN 17 - Carbon monoxide detection

Marine Survey

Seafish Information Note 17 - carbon monoxide detection.

February 2017Download PDF

Seafish Brussels Update 03/02/2017 – 10/02/2017

Cristina Fernandez

European Parliament: discussion about the situation of devolved territories in Brexit

February 2017Download PDF

Reducing the depuration time of bivalve molluscs: assessing risk based reductions in depuration times

Mandy Pyke

Bivalve molluscs harvested from ‘B’ classified areas which are to be delivered to market alive need to be ‘depurated’.

February 2017Download PDF

Classification of shellfish harvesting areas

Mandy Pyke

The Food Standards Agency, in compliance with European regulations, has classified bivalve mollusc harvesting areas and beds on the basis of the level of E. coli in the mollusc flesh.

February 2017Download PDF

Seafish Welsh seafood business case studies and recipe cards quote


An invitation to tender. Seafish Welsh seafood business case studies and recipe cards quote.

February 2017Download PDF