Governance Structure

The RFS programme setting process has a robust Governance structure designed to ensure that each standard created is fit for purpose and meets the key objectives of the programme.

Agreeing the strategic direction and objectives of the RFS programme has been delegated to the RFS Oversight Board from the main Seafish Board. This Oversight Board is composed of representatives taken from all sectors of the supply chain and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) with expertise in human rights law. A full list of RFS Oversight Board members can be found here.

The Oversight Board is supported by the RFS Technical Committee who, following direction from the Oversight Board, developed the new RFS standard criteria.

The Technical Committee is made up of experts from across the supply chain including; fishermen, fishermen federations, fish processors, Maritime & Coastguard Agency, retailers, and NGOs.  A full list of Technical Committee members can be found here.

Technical Working Groups support the Technical Committee in ensuring that all requirements within the standards are discussed and agreed upon. The Technical Working Groups, along with additional industry experts, have also supported us in peer review of each of the Compliance Support Guides (CSGs), which underpin the standards. A full list of the members of the Technical Working Groups can be found here.

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