International Trade

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, agreed in 2015, set an ambitious agenda to eradicate poverty, improve education and health and reduce hunger in order to build a fairer society and more sustainable future for all. Our focus is directly aligned with these goals.

Our Global Context

Our vision of a thriving seafood sector will bring benefits beyond our domestic industry and help create healthy and sustainable communities in our partner territories around the world. We take great pride in making a positive contribution to our planet, environment and population.

International Trade

We play a vital role to help stimulate the growth of the international seafood industry. 

We focus on building international relationships by providing information and support to our overseas and domestic buyers, fisheries and administrators, to assist in the growth of our import and export markets.

International Export Advice

We continue to promote the UK seafood industry in export territories by opening gateways into new and emerging global markets. 

We work hard to raise the profile of the range, diversity and quality of seafood that exists in the UK, whilst continually identifying potential new markets for our domestic catch. We also provides export profiles for international exporters in the UK.

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