My 2 a Week

As well as offering great flavours and tonnes of variety, seafood will help to keep you in good health.

Seafish launched a brand new health campaign in February 2017 to encourage people to eat the recommended two portions of seafood a week.

Fish 2 a week is a year-round campaign that aims to increase the consumption of fish and shellfish by UK consumers, by raising awareness of the recommended amount people should eat, and highlighting the health benefits this behaviour brings.

Currently, consumers in the UK eat on average only one portion of seafood a week (1.13 portions) which means that most people aren't eating the amount recommended by health professionals. By encouraging the general public to increase their consumption by this achievable amount, the nation's general health would improve dramatically.

Fish 2 a week represents an opportunity to encourage more people to eat more fish more often and is a genuine chance to showcase the health benefits, variety and quality of produce in the UK.

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