Onshore Approved Training Providers

To ensure that education and training in the seafood industry is high quality, Seafish is responsible for monitoring and approving training providers.

These approved training providers (ATPs) have been approved by us as meeting high standards of training with respect to materials, trainers, resources, and experience. Only Seafish approved training providers may deliver our onshore training courses.

Open Learning Food Hygiene and Health & Safety

ALL Seafish approved trainers and ATPs are approved to invigilate examinations for Seafish open learning programmes in  food hygiene and health & safety. ALL Seafish employees and offices are able to invigilate these examinations.

Specialist and Independent Providers

National Federation of Fish Friers, Leeds and Kilkeel

Contact: Helen Brook
Tel: 0113 2307044
E-Mail:  h.brook@federationoffishfriers.co.uk

The NFFF is a Partner in the Seafood Training Academy and provider of fish frying and customer service training throughout the UK with their network of trainers and assessors.  They deliver taught courses at the Fish Frying Training School in Leeds and at their Training Hub in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland.

Southern Shellfish Training Centre, Devon

Contact Martin Syvret
Tel: 07966461810
E-mail:  martin@aquafishsolutions.com

Approved for Bivalve Purification Operations and Management training in England, Wales and Southern Ireland.

Scottish Shellfish Training Centre

The Scottish Shellfish Training Centre is currently without a trainer and training is being delivered by the Southern Shellfish Training Centre (see above for contact details). As soon as a trainer is recruited and approved by Seafish normal services will be resumed.

Campden BRI, Chipping Campden

Contact Training Department
Tel: 01386 842104
E-mail  training@campden.co.uk

Campden is an approved venue for advanced quality assessment training, along with the Billingsgate seafood training school, the Grimsby Seafood Village training school, Llangefni Food Technology Centre, BIM's fish technology centre in Co Cork, and several Colleges including Blackpool and the Fylde College.

KFE School of Frying Excellence, Market Deeping

Contact: Tanya Henderson
Tel: 01778 380448
E-mail: tanya.henderson@kfeltd.co.uk   

KFE is one of two approved training centres for fish frying training, the other being the NFFF School in Leeds.

Adrian Barratt, Epsom

Tel: 0208 391 0230
E-mail  adrianbarratt@btinternet.com

Adrian is approved for food safety and HACCP, and is Seafish's Senior Trainer for seafood quality assessment at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. He is able to deliver training throughout the UK.

Richard Chivers, Wellington

Mobile: 07811 643209
E-mail  richardkchivers@gmail.com

Richard is approved for food safety and HACCP, as well as seafood quality assessment up to advanced level. He is able to deliver training throughout SW England and S Wales.

Paul Neve, Hull

Tel: 01482 633639
E-mail  neve@samak.karoo.co.uk

Paul is approved to deliver Introduction to Fishmongering, Introduction to Fish Filleting, Introductory Seafood Quality Assessment, Fish and Shellfish Display and Merchandising.  He is able to deliver training throughout Yorkshire and the Humber and elsewhere in the UK.

Ivan Jaines-White, Grimsby Seafood Village

Tel: 07788 598 661
E-mail ivan.jaines-white@outlook.com 

Ivan is approved as a senior instructor in fish smoking and can deliver smoking courses throughout the UK.  Ivan manages the Grimsby Seafood Village Training School and has access to two AFOS micro kilns for smoking training and facilities for delivery of fish filleting and fishmonger training.

Ursula Hartland, Wales and England

Tel: 07752 249808
E-mail: suhartland@sky.com 

Ursula is approved to deliver food safety courses for Seafish, and is also able to deliver training in fishmongering skills, knife skills, customer service etc.  Ursula is an experienced assessor and business development manager with extensive experience of apprenticeships in fish processing, mongering and fish frying.

Ursula also sits on the steering groups for  Seafood Training Network for Wales and supports Seafish onshore training as an independent author of training materials.

Peter Kearney, Independent Trainer

Tel: 07752 248292
E-mail: peterk126@sky.com

Peter is approved by Seafish to deliver food safety courses, and is also able to deliver fishmongering training.  As an independent trainer and assessor Peter is able to support fish and shellfish businesses throughout Wales and England with many of their training and staff development needs.

Ian Helmrich, York 

Mobile: 07719920999
E-mail: helmrich@btinternet.com

Ian is approved to deliver Introductory Food Hygiene, Elementary (Level 2) food hygiene and Introduction to HACCP courses. He is able to deliver in Yorkshire and the Humber and the North of England.

Arthur Brecknell, North West England

Mobile: 07715 917 746
E-mail: ab.associates@ymail.com

Arthur is approved to deliver Introductory and Elementary Health & Safety courses along with Introductory Fish Quality Assessment courses. 

Michael Sim, North East Scotland

Tel: 07813 708487
E-mail: michael.sim@thistleseafoods.com

Michael is approved to deliver a wide range of Food Hygiene, HACCP and Health & Safety training courses. Michael is the Head of Technical for Thistle Seafoods Ltd.

Brian Artingstoll, North East Scotland

Tel: 01779 482732
Email: brian.artingstoll@thistleseafoods.com

Brian is approved to deliver various Food Hygiene, HACCP and Health & Safety training courses. Brian is also the Training and Development Manager at Thistle Seafoods Ltd.

Jean Meikle, North East Scotland

Tel: 01779 480890
Email: jean@scottishseafoodassociation.com

Jean is approved to deliver Food Safety and HACCP training courses. Jean is also the Technical Training Consultant for the Scottish Seafood Association.

Liz Soutar, Annan

Tel: 01461 201873
Mobile: 07860 601299
Email: lizsoutartraining@outlook.com

Liz is approved to deliver Introductory Food Hygiene in the seafood industry as well as Elementary Food Hygiene. She is also able to invigilate both Elementary open learning programmes in food hygiene and health & safety, as well as REHIS's Intermediate Food Hygiene by eLearning programme for Seafish.

Liz is able to deliver training in SW Scotland and NW England and further afield.

Ian Meek, Inverness

Tel: 07780 965049
Email: ian@foodtechnicalservices.com

Ian is approved to deliver Introductory Food Hygiene in the seafood industry as well as Elementary Food Hygiene. Ian is also able to deliver Introduction to HACCP.

Emma Cunningham, Fraserburgh and Livingston

Emma delivers Food Hygiene training courses to her colleagues at Young’s Seafood and Macrae.

Michael Bates, North East Scotland

Michael delivers Food Hygiene and HACCP training courses.

Sheila Chapman, Orkney Islands

Tel: 07470 292517
Email: chapmans65@yahoo.com

Sheila is approved to deliver Introductory and Elementary Food Hygiene as well as Introduction to HACCP. She focuses on the seafood manufacturing sector and the sea farms industry.

Donna Maver, Portlethen

Tel: 01224 784461
Email: donna@dmtraining.org

Donna is approved to deliver Introductory and Elementary Food Hygiene as well as Introduction to HACCP and is available to deliver training across a variety of regions throughout Scotland and the Isles.  

Neil Jones, Grimsby

Tel: 07889 314 984
E-mail  c_e_independent@hotmail.com

Neil is approved to deliver food safety, health & safety and HACCP training courses. He is able to deliver throughout Lincolnshire and the Humber.

Nick Stobbs, Carlisle

Tel: 01228 590800
Mobile: 07768300666                    
Email  nick.stobbs@riversiderecruitment.co.uk

Nick is approved to deliver Introductory Food Hygiene industry. He is able to deliver training in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway.

Hugh Mantle, North Yorkshire

Tel: 01423 872455
Mobile: 07831 577296    
Email:  hughmantle@hotmail.co.uk

Hugh is approved to deliver Introductory (Level 1) and Elementary (Level 2) Food Hygiene and also delivers training courses for the National Federation of Fish Friers. 

Anne Ellison-Webb and Steve Ellison SW England

Tel: 01736 763939
Email: anne@ewt.co.uk

Anne and Steve are trainers in food safety and HACCP. They are approved to deliver REHIS courses in food hygiene and HACCP in the seafood industry, and are based in the South West.  Ellison-Webb Training has centres in the SW and Birmingham and can deliver training in both these areas.

Generalist Training Provider Organisations

Billingsgate Seafood Training School

Contact: admin@seafoodtraining.org 
Tel: 0207 5173545
Web:  www.seafoodtraining.org

Eastern Seafish Training Association

Contact: Clive Monk
Tel: 01362 822449/07754 196777
E-Mail:  clivemonkesta@btinternet.com

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

Contact: Emma Durham
Tel: 01472 311222 ex.1359
E-Mail: durhame@grimsby.ac.uk 
Web:  http://www.commercialtraining.co.uk/food-manufacturing-and-research.php

Midlands Seafish Industry Training Association

Contact: Michael Pili
Tel: 0121 3080229
E-Mail:  mikepili@blueyonder.co.uk
Web:  www.midlands-seafish.org.uk

National Federation of Fish Friers

Contact: Helen Brook
Tel: 0113 2307044
E-Mail:  H.Brook@federationoffishfriers.co.uk
Web:  www.federationoffishfriers.co.uk


Trainers for Scotland include (see above):

Brian Artingstoll
Michael Bates
Sheila Chapman
Emma Cunningham
Gordon Gibb
Donna Maver
Ian Meek
Jean Meikle
Michael Sim
Liz Soutar

Northern Ireland

Trainers for Northern Ireland include:

Hal Dawson 


Trainers for Wales include Ursula Hartland, Peter Kearney, Chris Parker and others.


Trainers for England include:

Adrian Barratt
Ivan Jaines-White
Paul Neve
Richard Chivers
Ursula Hartland
Ian Helmrich
Arthur Brecknell
Neil Jones
Paul Bell
Nick Stobbs
Hugh Mantle

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