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Seafish maintains an office and representative in Brussels to actively engage with key stakeholders across the EU policy and legislative spectrums. Our on-the-ground Brussels presence ensures the UK seafood industry receives timely and impartial information, evidence and analysis on the latest developments emanating from the EU institutions.

Preparing your business for EU Exit 

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, Seafish Brussels continues to monitor the UK’s disengagement process from EU membership. A core component of our function is interpreting the changing landscape, highlighting risks and promoting opportunities presented to the UK seafood industry by EU exit. 

Click here to access The Seafish Regulation Team’s UK Seafood Industry Guide to preparing your business for EU Exit. 

Areas of Work

Providing Information and Analysis 

Seafish Brussels wants to make sure that UK's seafood industry understands the nature of and decision-making mechanisms within the EU. There are downloads at the bottom of this page that explain the EU's decision-making process. Brussels Updates, periodic news roundups from Brussels are also available for download below.


  • EU level: Seafish Brussels engages with EU stakeholders to build alliances and work together in a wide range of activities at EU level, principally through our membership of the Markets Advisory Council (MAC)
  • UK level: Seafish Brussels responds to the needs of the UK seafood industry updating on current activities and issues, and guiding industry to select the most appropriate approach to best represent their interests in Brussels. 

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