Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee

Since 2012, Seafish has facilitated the English Aquaculture Working Group (EAWG) and provided a forum for key English stakeholders to discuss strategic issued related to aquaculture and its development in England. However, many aquaculture issues pertinent to England are not 'standalone' but are cross-border in nature and frequently apply UK-wide.

With this in mind, back in 2016 the EAWG evolved to become the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee (SDAAC), and the group is expected to continue its evolution to reflect recent advances and initiatives to support UK and English aquaculture.

This initiative draws together a wider membership of UK aquaculture stakeholders. The SDAAC is formed from volunteers eager to see more coordinated and strategic development of UK aquaculture - from producers to Governmental bodies; NGOs to trade associations.

The SDAAC has provided stakeholders with a platform for directing work areas and resource allocation of Seafish' Domestic Aquaculture Strategy Programme. This has enabled us to make more effective, positive contributions to the aquaculture industry; assisting its expansion across the UK.

For more information about the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee, please contact Lee Cocker at Seafish.


The SDAAC Terms of Reference are available here.

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