Seafish Expert Panel

Seafish works in collaboration with the seafood industry across all parts of the supply chain – from net to plate. The Seafish Expert Panel has been established to enhance our role as a collaborator and facilitator.

The aim of the Seafish Expert Panel is to assist Seafish in:

  • Commissioning scientific research and to undertake research in our own right;
  • The presentation, communication and adoption of research findings relevant to the seafood sector;
  • Supporting the industry to determine the information it needs to address business issues; and
  • Providing evidence-based advice to inform policy development and business decision making.

It will operate under a two-tier system with a central hub being supported by an expert committee.

The Central Hub

The central hub is the main engagement point between Seafish and the wider expert group. It will provide a bridge between the needs of Seafish and the wider seafood industry and the expert committee. Specifically the central hub of the SEP will:

  • Assist Seafish to provide adaptive science support to industry;
  • Provide capability to assist the sector to frame industry issues so that potential solutions can be identified;
  • Assist Seafish to connect industry/government and research institutes to establish a network of expertise with ‘reach’ across the sector;
  • Provide advice and peer review to help guide and improve the quality of Seafish outputs;
  • Help deliver the science and innovation actions outlined in the England’s Seafood 2040 (SF2040) strategy, as well as supporting the ambitions of other UK home nations e.g. Scotland’s Ambition 2030.

There are three members appointed to the central hub panel at present – see links below for biographies of current panel members. A position for an individual with expertise in behavioural science is still vacant.

Expert Committee

The central hub panel will be supported by a wider expert committee, bringing in additional expertise across a range of areas. A phased recruitment based on priority needs is currently underway and the following eight areas have been identified as the focus for the next 12 months:

  1. Fisheries management
  2. Gear technology
  3. Food supply chain (labour/ethics)
  4. Politics and law (legal framework around fisheries)
  5. Climate change
  6. Animal welfare
  7. Waste management / Circular economy (including plastics)
  8. Automation

Any requests from industry for Seafish Expert Panel assistance, and/or the delivery of expert comment, should come through Seafish in the first instance. 

Panel Member Biographies

Chair: Dr Mark J Berry +

Dr Steven Mackinson +

Liam Fassam +

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