Seafood Ethics Action Alliance

The Seafood Ethics Action Alliance (SEA Alliance) has been established by the seafood industry to provide a platform for collective engagement, to share information on emerging issues, agree best practice solutions, and provide a forum for collective pre-competitive action where it is not better fulfilled by an existing organisation.

Aims of the SEA Alliance 

The SEA Alliance co-ordinates pre-competitive ethics work for the UK seafood industry and addresses key ethical issues in shared supply chains, as identified within the Seafish Seafood Ethics Common Language Group (SECLG). 

It does this via scheduled meetings, information sharing between members, and where necessary, the co-ordination of working groups to implement required actions.

Engagement takes into consideration the PAS 1550:2017 Code of Practice on Exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of seafood products and marine ingredients, and the BRC IUU Advisory Note (2015), together with meaningful implementation of ILO 188 and other appropriate instruments.

SEA Alliance participants

Participation in the alliance is open to any commercial market organisation based in the UK which source seafood nationally or internationally. Participation requires a commitment to positively engage in pre-competitive action, adhering to competition law and to maintain the confidentiality of discussions.

Whilst the group is industry led, Seafish provides the secretariat. Advocacy will be conducted by industry federations and associations using the existing infrastructure and experience of the Seafood Industry Alliance, the British Retail Consortium and the British Hospitality Association.

A steering group has been formed to 

  • plan meeting agendas;
  • to agree, prioritise, and coordinate actions discussed at the meetings; and
  • subsequently review progress.

When the SEA Alliance meets

Meetings are held twice a year after the Seafood Ethics Common Language Group meetings. 

The last meeting of the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance was on Tuesday 28 January 2020 in London. The next meeting of the Seafish Seafood Ethics Common Language Group will be on Wednesday 8 July 2020. This will be followed by an SEA Alliance meeting.

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