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The economics team conduct annual financial surveys of UK seafood processors as well as a biennial census. In addition, during the lead-up to Brexit we have conducted a quarterly survey on issues surrounding labour and recruitment. This research allows us to produce reports, analysis and tools designed to help ensure our stakeholders are informed about all the latest developments in the sector.

Cutting Edge

New for 2019 – Our flagship magazine Cutting Edge looks at the creative and innovative approaches seafood processing businesses across the UK are taking to address and overcome the challenges facing the sector and improve their business for the future.  

Featured in issue 1 are stories on expanding markets, resource efficiency, training opportunities and much, much more. 

Hard copies are available on request to

Seafood Processing Industry Performance Data 

Updated for 2019 – The latest UK seafood processing industry performance statistics from our most recent surveys. This document includes data on the number, size and type of seafood processing sites in the UK alongside turnover, costs and profitability.

This report replaces our previous Seafood Processing Report.

Seafood Processing Enquiry Tool 

New for 2019 – Your chance to get hands on with our seafood processing data. This tableau tool makes data available in a format that allows the user to easily create their own enquiries using various different filters.

Visit the Seafood Processing Enquiry Tool 

For more details, analysis or a tutorial on how to use the tool please contact

Seafood Processing Methodology Report 

The Seafood Processing Methodology Report is a short report describing the methods used to produce the seafood processing estimates used across Cutting Edge, our industry performance data and the enquiry tool. 

Processing Labour and Recruitment Reports

Ever changing UK and international legislation also means seafood businesses need to understand current employment law and the impact these changes can have on the available workforce.

We have a range of Processing Labour and Recruitment Reports and research available to provide industry and Government with relevant and practical advice to inform business and legislation decisions.

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