Seafood Regulation Expert Group

The Seafood Regulation Expert Group (SREG) is made up of industry representatives and experts. Group members identify major developments in food and related legislation which may affect the UK seafood industry.

The group reports on significant issues and developments to the industry and to Seafish, as well as responding to the government on behalf of the industry. The Seafood Regulation Expert Group provides:

  • A forum for the evaluation of issues and industry priorities
  • Expert industry advice for government departments and agencies
  • Support to Seafish's regulation team

The group also provides expertise and advice within the framework of the Government's Regulation Delivery Team expert panels. These expert panels provide clarification and consultation on matters of technical interpretation and practical enforcement.

The group's scope includes all legislation which impinges on the handling, processing and marketing of seafood, and group members are to communicate details of group activities as widely as possible throughout the industry.

The Seafood Regulation Expert Group meets every four months, though working groups that are dealing with specific issues may meet whenever necessary. The group's secretariat is provided by Seafish.

Chair: Fiona Wright

Secretary: Hannah Thompson

Director Responsible: Operations Director

Members of The Seafood Regulation Expert Group +

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