Sector Panels

In order to increase the representation of industry within the organisation, Government ministers asked Seafish to establish three panels, each one covering a specific sector of the UK seafood industry.

The panels

Role of the panels

  • These sector panels provide the Seafish Board with agreed individual priorities while still recognising differences at a local level. Each panel consists of a chair and nominated industry members who are provided by representative organisations or recruited by Seafish.
  • The sector panels must follow the strategic direction of the Board, provide advice to the Board on areas of work, and consider the benefits of the work programmes they propose.

Members of the panels

The Chairs are responsible for leading sector panel meetings and helping the panel to reach agreements on the prioritisation of work programmes. The Chairs must also meet with the other sector panel chairs to agree on a consolidated work programme, as well as attending Board meetings in order to propose the new work programmes.

Members are appointed to the sector panels in order to bring knowledge and expertise from their particular sector. Members are expected to co-operate in order to review the needs of their sector, prioritise work programmes with Seafish limitations and budgets in mind, and to identify new areas of work for Seafish.

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