State of the Nation Research

Knowing what drives and influences consumers is the first step towards changing behaviour, so Seafish commissioned the State of the Nation research to gain real insight into the attitudes and behaviours of consumers so we can better understand what makes them tick when it comes to seafood.

The research for State of the Nation was conducted by YouGov in April 2018. A sample of 2,047 UK adults was used, with figures weighted to ensure that the findings are representative of all UK adults aged 18 and over.

This provided robust qualitative and quantitative data, which was analysed to produce findings that show:

  • Current UK consumption patterns of seafood
  • Consumer perceptions towards fish
  • Barriers to eating more seafood
  • Awareness of different species
  • Perceived health benefits of fish
  • Approaches to diet overall
  • Potential means of encouraging higher fish consumption.

Summary Document
We want businesses all along the supply chain to benefit from this insight and use the results to help shape their offering to consumers, so we’ve created a summary document that highlights the key messages from the research. It contains all the main facts and figures alongside practical suggestions for how industry can act on some of those findings.

Download the State of the Nation summary document 

Full Report
The complete research document is also available for those would like to see the full results of the study.

Download the full State of the Nation report

Video Presentation
A video presentation of the key findings and takeaways is also available to watch below.

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